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Description: Hobie Mirage Drive Adventure Island
Fast, fun and versatile, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island gives you options. Unbolt the akas and amas and you have a super-quick, super-fun kayak, attach the new Aka II die-cast crossbars and ama side floats, step the sailing rig and you have a stable sailing craft whose seafaring heritage stretches back to the South Pacific. A roller-furling, vertically battened mainsail makes reducing sail a snap, and the MirageDrive provides power when the wind is light or when you are kayaking. A daggerboard prevents lateral slip, an upgraded rudder and rudder assembly provides plenty of helm control in a breeze and the amas easily fold parallel against the hull to simplify negotiating tight spots or docking. Specifications: Length: 16 feet Width with/ Amas Out: 9feet 4 inches Width with Amas In: 42 inches MirageDrive Weight: 6 lbs 9 ozs Hull Weight: 63 lbs Ama Weight: 2 - 15 lbs Rigged Weight: 115 lbs Capacity: 350 lbs Mast Height: 15 feet 2 inches Sail Area: 57 1-2 Crew: 1 Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene Features: MirageDrive with Turbo Fins Twist and Stow Rudder with Large Sailing Blade Adjustable High Back Padded Seat with Inflatable Lumbar Support Daggerboard Two-Piece Paddles with On-Hull Storage Two Molded-In Rod Holders Two 8 inch Twist and Seal Hatches with Gear Bucket Two Mesh-Covered Stowage Pockets Two Color-Coordinated Amas Four Detatchable Akas with Carrying Bag Patented Roller-Furling Sail with Battens Two-Piece Mast OptionsTrailer Plug-in Cart Dodger Aka Trampoline kit eVolve Electric Motor Available Colors: Golden Papaya Ivory Dune Red Hibiscus
$4, 899.00

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