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Description: Hobie eVolve v2 Powered by TorQeedo
HOBIE eVOLVE POWERED BY TORQEEDO Whether you’re augmenting your MirageDrive or using the Hobie eVolve as your primary power source, this quiet and efficient electric motor will dramatically expand your horizons. Maybe there’s a ripping tidal current or a series of fast-flowing eddies that you must negotiate before reaching that pristine shoreline. Maybe it’s a bay that’s always been a little too far explore. or maybe it’s just been a long day and your tired muscles could use a break. Either way, the clean, quiet, eVolve system is there for you. This tidy german-engineered electric motor kit fits any MirageDrive kayak and it comes with two mounting options—one midship, the other stern hung. With the Hobie eVolve, you can either maintain steady cruising speeds of two knots (motor only) for hours, or you can open the throttle for short sprints. Best yet, depending on your set-up, you can use the eVolve to augment your boat speed while also using your MirageDrive. And thanks to its cockpit-mounted Remote Throttle, you always know how much juice you have left in the system’s 320 Wh Lithium-Manganese battery. Runtime estimated as 8 hr 20 min at 2.6 mph / 48 min full throttle. If you thought the MirageDrive made kayaking sweeter, wait until you try the eVolve system. The eVolve offers increased battery capacity, longer range and solar charge / run capability. Life only improves with power.

Additional Info: EVOLVE V2 KIT INCLUDES: SOLAR PANEL Add a solar charging panel to your eVolve v2 system. Can charge the battery or run the motor indefinitely at approximately 2 knots (with optimum sun conditions). Solar panel uses dedicated plug-in on the v2 battery. 23 Watts of power for quick charging, Weatherproof, Marine-grade connection, Ultra Light Weight, Ultra Thin, Ultra Durable, Works in Low Light, Roll for easy storage, Easy to use, Successfully tested in salt water, Stainless Steel grommets, Stainless Steel Rivets, Custom Built for Hobie Cat, Made in the USA Size Unrolled: 35.55” x 26.15” Size Rolled: 14.5” x 4.0” Cable: 10’ Watts: 23 Watts operating Amps: .75 Amps operating Volts: 30 Volts Weight: 1.4 Lbs 72022133 EVoLVE v2 SoLAR PAnEL 23w • Ready-to-go Mirage well-mounted Hobie eVolve v2 • All cables for the motor and throttle units • All mounting hardware • Assembly that integrates the motor with a Twist and Stow rudder* • Sealed/Waterproof Lithium-Manganese high-performance battery 320 Wh (charger included) • Remote throttle system displays speed and distance information generated by an onboard gPS unit • Magnetic safety key • Waterproof fittings and cable connectors • Solar charging port • Corrosion-resistant materials ensure durability and performance • Lightweight power: Total weight of installed kit is 18 lbs (8.16 kg) or less, depending on the configuration Item Number 72022030

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